The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) is an independent, self-supporting State agency that protects and enhances Maryland’s natural resources by finding innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. MES serves as a unique, not-for-profit public corporation that is equipped to combine a public sector commitment to responsible environmental protection with private sector flexibility and responsiveness.

Created in 1970 by Maryland’s Governor and legislators, MES has over 800 employees and nearly 1,000 diverse projects located across the Mid-Atlantic region. More than two-thirds of revenues from the $160M agency flow directly to the private sector. MES receives no direct State appropriations and has no regulatory authority.


To provide operational and technical services to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of the people of Maryland.


Maryland Environmental Service is an innovative and leading-edge solver of environmental problems; a responsible and successful manager of environmental operations; and a great place to work.

Customer Service Promise

The State of Maryland pledges to provide constituents, businesses, customers, and stakeholders with services in the following manner:

Friendly and Courteous: We will be helpful and supportive and have a positive attitude and passion for what we do.
Timely and Responsive: We will be proactive, take initiative, and anticipate your needs.
Accurate and Consistent: We will always aim for 100% accuracy, and be consistent in how we interpret and implement State policies and procedures.
Accessible and Convenient: We will continue to simplify and improve access to information and resources.
Truthful and Transparent: We will advance a culture of honesty, clarity, and trust.

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