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Water & Wastewater MCI Treatment Plant

The core business of Maryland Environmental Service is water and wastewater. We have been involved in the design, construction, inspection, project management and operation of countless facilities throughout Maryland.

Because of our many projects, past and present, we are able to keep up with the latest trends, technologies and practices in the wastewater industry. We've seen what works and we’ve seen what doesn’t work. We use this knowledge and experience to match the unique needs of our clients with the appropriate technology and environmental strategy.

Our employees know the administrative and technical requirements necessary to guarantee a safe water supply and keep wastewater discharges in compliance with federal and state regulations.

We provide a full range of stormwater, water supply and wastewater treatment services. We operate and maintain 138 private, municipal and county plants, several shared-use facilities as well as 90 state-owned plants at correctional facilities, health facilities, rest areas and State parks. Throughout the State, we correct problems at treatment facilities at the direction of the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Our capabilities include engineering, laboratory testing, inspections, operation, maintenance and facility supervision. Our team of licensed and certified personnel operates and maintains numerous private, municipal, county-owned and State-owned water and wastewater treatment plants. Our mechanical and electrical maintenance staff is on call to respond to emergencies or manage contractors as needed to complete repairs or rehabilitation of equipment.

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For more information please contact Beth Wojton.

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