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Maryland Environmental Service, on behalf of The Maryland Port Administration, helps Maryland citizens learn about the Port of Baltimore and participate in related projects that restore the environment and enhance local neighborhoods.

Dredging and Restoration

MES operations, engineering, and environmental staff work hand-in-hand at our Dredged Material Containment Facilities, Beneficial Use sites and mitigation projects to ensure consistent progress while staying within permit requirements. Operations staff manage the sites by completing construction projects, this can consist of constructing roads, building dikes and wetlands, managing dredged material during inflow and crust management (drying of the dredged material), and completing other projects as necessary. The survey crew visits the sites to get new elevations after dredged material inflow and crust management, they survey mitigation sites for elevations, reef ball placement, vegetation coverage, and for tidal elevations. The environmental staff conducts monitoring associated with water quality and mitigation requirements, and completes all permit related coordination and reporting for the sites. The environmental staff also completes any forest conservation and wetland services needed prior to any construction on a site. Our staff also conducts invasive species control in an effort to promote mitigation and restoration success. An outreach team educates students through in-class presentations and hands-on field trips. Participants learn how our clients are restoring valuable habitat through fishing, birding, water quality investigations and other environmental education activities. Open houses and public meetings are also held to answer questions from nearby residents and the general public. Finally, a highly skilled maintenance staff keeps everything running smoothly so that progress never stops at the sites we operate on behalf of our clients.

Environmental Education

Learn about the importance of dredging and the restoration work being done on a tour of Paul S. Sarbanes Ecosystem Restoration Project at Poplar Island, Hart-Miller Island, Masonville or Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facilities. A Teacher’s Guide (aligned with Maryland State curriculum) has been developed to accompany site tours. This guide includes lesson plans to be used in the classroom before and after your visit, as well as on-site activities students will be completing on their fieldtrip. Students participate in activities such as wetland exploration, seining, plant and wildlife identification and water quality monitoring.

In the Classroom

Have an environmental specialist visit your classroom and teach your students about the Port of Baltimore and habitat creation! As students weigh and measure our Diamondback Terrapin ambassadors, they will learn all about Poplar Island and our other sites.

Guest Speakers

Speakers are also available for public outreach events and other adult audiences. With prior arrangement, tours, programs and presentations can be accommodated to fit your schedule.

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