Part of an 80-year solution for solid waste management, the Midshore Counties of Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne and Talbot formed the only regional partnership in the State of Maryland.  Each county hosts a solid waste facility for 20 years.  

 Constructed in 1991, the Midshore I facility, located in Easton, MD (Talbot County) was the first waste facility  to operate under the agreement.  This facility owned and operated by Maryland Environmental Service for the four counties closed on December 31, 2010.  The second Midshore facility,  Midshore II is now located in Caroline County and is fully operational. It began accepting waste in January 2011.

Midshore II Regional Solid Waste Facility provides for disposal of solid waste, household hazardous waste and pesticides. It also recycles used motor oil and antifreeze, scrap tire, auto batteries and textile collection, wood waste processing, and refrigerant recovery.

The Midshore II Solid Waste Facility in Ridgely, Md. centralizes the waste disposal for Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot counties.


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