March is Free Farm Tire Drop-off Month

Used Obsolete Tractor Tire Lying On Pile Of DebrisTires are tricky to get rid of. Maryland Landfills are prohibited from burying tires under state law. Burning them releases toxic oils and fumes (and it’s illegal.) It’s even tougher for farmers. The big tires on their equipment are critical to their operations. When those enormous tires wear out, disposal is complicated and expensive. March 2014, however, will see easier and affordable opportunities for Maryland farmers to dispose of their old tires.

Maryland’s Scrap Tire Program, established to help citizens get rid of used tires properly and clean up old tire dump sites, has traditionally focused more on car tires. But this year, the program is emphasizing the collection of Agricultural tires. Across the State, Counties are holding month-long agricultural tire drop-off events.

Through MDE’s Scrap Tire Program funding, Maryland Environmental Service is working with ten counties and the Maryland Farm Bureau to collect and properly dispose of agricultural scrap tires. The Maryland Farm Bureau, through their member hosts, is collecting tires in Harford, Baltimore, Montgomery and Frederick Counties. County agricultural tire events run through March in Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Dorchester, Garrett, Kent, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s, Washington and Wicomico. MES is conducting collection activities in support of Caroline County at the Holly Road Home Owner Drop Off at MIDSHORE II Landfill in Ridgely.

County events are expected to run through March 31, 2014, while the Farm Bureau sites will have designated dates and times.

Since its inception in 1994, Maryland’s Scrap Tire program has been a huge success, recovering more than 10 million old tires from illegal stockpiles, and collecting hundreds of thousands more at free citizen drop-off events. The funding for the project comes from Maryland’s Used Tire Cleanup and Recycling Fund, administered by the Maryland Department of the Environment. An eighty-cent recycling fee, tacked onto each tire bought in Maryland, supports the fund. Through MDE, Maryland Environmental Service uses proceeds from the Maryland Scrap Tire Fund to clean-up illegal tire dumps and organize citizen drop-off days.

In May, 2013 the Board of Public Works approved $500,000 to reimburse counties for their costs associated with the citizen drop-off day events. This year, the program included funding aimed at increasing the collection of scrap farm tires. In past years, some counties accepted agricultural tires and some did not. In October 2013, The Maryland Board of Public Works approved and additional $1.5 million in funding for the continuation of the tenth annual scrap tires Drop-Off day program earmarked specifically for the collection of agricultural tires.

When improperly disposed of, scrap tires can create risks to the environment and public health through the potential for fire and by providing habitat for such disease-carrying pests as mosquitoes and rodents. According to the EPA, a burning tire breaks down hazardous compounds including gases, heavy metals, and oil – an average of two gallons of oil from one burning tire. Air emissions from a burning tire may include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene, styrene, phenols, and butadiene.

A list of locations and contacts is below. For more details contact MDE’s Scrap Tire Program at 410-537-3314. The Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corporation operates a scrap tire disposal program for farmers only. For details on arranging a drop-off under that program call 410-222-7410.

Calvert County
Appeal Landfill Bill Teter 410-326-0210
Caroline County Holly Rd HODO Jake Jacobs 410-479-4151
Carroll County Northern Landfill Maria Meyers 410-386-2035
Dorchester County Beulah Landfill Thomas Moore 410-943-1092
Garrett County 3 HODO sites Kimberly Madigan 301-387-0322
Kent County Nicholson Landfill(8-noon, Tuesdays Only) Marty Holden 410-778-7448
Prince George’s Co. Brown’s Station Landfill Robert Reading 301-883-6081
St. Mary’s County St. Andrew’s Landfill Nicholas Zurkan 301-863-8400 x 3550
Washington County 40 West Landfill Anthony Drury 240-313-2796
Wicomico County Newland Park Landfill Steve Chamberlain 410-548-4935